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08 August 2010 @ 11:55 pm
I'm not sure if it is appropriate to post this here, so to the mod of this community, please feel free to delete this post if it is not allowed and I'm truly sorry about it.

Due to various reasons, I've retired from being a fan of KinKi Kids and TOKIO more than a year ago.

Instead of throwing out all the stuff I've collected throughout the 10 years being their fan, I decided to sell them at a low price to people who will continue to appreciate them.

Below is the link to the website which I've listed my items. I have not yet finished posting all the stuff I have, so the website will be updated from time to time.

TOKIO, KinKi Kids and other JE artistes goods SALE

Please take a look if you are interested. ^_^

15 January 2008 @ 08:06 pm
Guys, I hope you all have downloaded and watched Shonentai's 1990 concert from hi_mitsu. It is just an explosion of awesome. And just in case you have not done so, I uploaded a few reasons why. . .

We all love Higashiyama, right? You do, even if you don't realize you do. But what I discovered is that his bandmates are also amazing!! XD Each in their own special way.

And a whole concert of Higashiyama is even more amazing than regular Higashiyama. I just wish I could have capped the dancing!

warning - image heavy! And image AWESOME!Collapse )
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Heya, ppl~
it's _naki here.
I guess i'll start off to post, with a lil' sumthin' sumthin'.

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Nagase Tomoya with Fukuda Mayuko to star in Michael Arias' Heaven's Door, according to Sankei Sports last 10 January. The film is based on a 1997 German Film entitled, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, of which I've been told to be a very good movie.

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2oo9 is still very far-off. *sighs*
I checked out Fukuda Mayuko's dramawiki profile, and i was surprised to find out that she's only 13 years old. I guess it could mean that Nagase will have a brother-like figure.. or even a father-like, one?
Oh, and Fukuda is also in Death's Note's spin-off, L.

For it to start filming so early, i hope that it'll be real good.
With Nagase in a film, and with TOKIO having a concert this March, I still am desperately hoping for a Tomoya-dorama this year. LOL

Finally, picspam..
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PS.: uhn.. tags?
11 January 2009 @ 12:18 am

Welcome to thelostjohnnys, a community for all those JE sempai lovers out there. This place is a moderated community, so you need to be accepted by me scanky_chops before you become a member. Don't worry. There isn't a secret handshake. Yet. :D

The aim of this community is as a place for all sempai fans to hang around together and just TALK, spam, flail, giggle, rant, scream, karp on about your favourite sempai. Or even just to make new friends. Because, let's face it, while the younger groups are doing really well and achieving lots of popularity, the older groups, who are well-loved, don't get that sort of fangirliness. But here we can.

So if you've recently watched a drama starring Okada and you feel the need to share your fangirl thoughts then do so here! Likewise, a new TOKIO PV and you've gone cap crazy? Why not show them to us!

These are by no means all the rules this community will have. Things might change as we get going but i'm hoping that this place can become a great stomping grounds for those of us with a... more mature taste in Johnny's.

[Oh, and if people are wondering about the community name. Lost Johnny's comes from The Lost Boys in Peter Pan. Why? Because i don't think any of the sempai are actually getting older and Nagase will always be the boy who never grew up. <3]