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The Lost Johnny's

Never grow old...

The men from Johnny's who will never grow up...
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what we do While some of you might imagine this community is some sort of... lost shrine to ex-Johnny's members, that is not the case. Basically, this is a place to talk, squee and just go plain nuts about the slightly older members of Johnny's Entertainment. In other words, the more sempai member from Kinki Kids upwards. Anything goes, just as long as it's got something to do with the sempai-tachi. Also, just to provide a bit of colour [and damn Duet, Potato and Wink Up aren't featuring Kamisen as a whole anymore] i'm gonna ask people that when they post they include a sempai picture. Any picture will do, although naked and half-naked photoshoots will always be appreciated.
who we are Your friendly mod here is scanky_chops unless someone wants to join her?
et cetera I'll find something interesting to put here. Eventually.
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